All hon and room Adhere to the environmental protection household production quality
Take the grass for core Choose the kitachi party
Restore the moist essence of nature
Twenty years of experience in excellence Over hundreds of outlets throughout the globe
And room quality brands in China
The folding seats is exquisite craft
Grille lattice with exquisite think of opportunely
Noise is not comfortable and quiet space
All hon and room Create a exclusive your indoor garden

2017Years  Hon outlets all new stronghold

Shanghai The beauty of jinshan district red star triumphant dragon Fuzhou Beauty of red star triumphant dragon says ha tae-keung area

Taizhou Yuhuan dragon home square Quanzhou Beauty of luojiang district red star triumphant dragon

Zhaoyuan Beauty of red star triumphant dragon springs road Bengbu Big market  

Wenzhou City under the pond Haian Mr Hua decoration city

I came East international household Baoji Jin tai road home 

Xiangyang two shops Deng Cheng road home Hangzhou 2 shop Evergrande building materials market

The statement: Hongshan district in wuhan city was the home of the optical shop,

As the only authorized businesses of the company in wuhan

Other stores in wuhan are fake,Let consumers choose carefully!

Receive a visitor space
Simple and easy
Clear comfort
Small rooms at the tavern
The restaurant little box
Restaurant big box
The hon huaian outlets On location
The hon huaian outlets Interior
I. The hon outlets
The more than hundred all hon outlets in the country,Let you personally feel multi-function room and comfortable!
II. Professional chefs actual measurement
Space measurement by the hon trained teacher himself。
III. Decision style style
Variety complete variety of choices,Choose your love,Tailored
IV. The design is finalized/Offer
According to the customer's lifestyle and demand,Make suitable for your indoor garden。
V. Professional chefs on-site installation
Professional efficient construction installation,All hon and room is your quality and reliable choice!
VI. Perfect after-sales service
The late maintenance and national hotline of sweet,Let me You peace of mind to enjoy and carefree and comfortable room。
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